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Luggage Storage Option for Colorado Springs Visitors

For many travelers, the biggest frustration of staying in an Airbnb is having to pack and unpack your suitcase. But there are some easy solutions that can make your stay more convenient. The easiest one? Renting a storage locker.

Storage lockers are safe, secure, easy to access, and reasonably priced.

Storage lockers are safe, secure and easy to access.

Their main advantage is that they’re available at most locations and they are reasonably priced.

The safest option is to store your luggage in a locker at Drip Queen Coffee, which will cost anywhere from $5-$15 per day, we've listed two below.

Renting a storage locker is a convenient solution to the problem of storing luggage while traveling.

Your Airbnb host probably has a lot of great suggestions for places to go and things to do in the area. She might even offer some recommendations for restaurants, shops and other attractions that are close by. But if you're traveling with more luggage than can fit into your suitcase, it may be hard for her (or any other local) to recommend something without knowing about your particular situation.

With that said, here are some options for storing your belongings while traveling:

  • Ask another hotel guest if they'll hold onto your bags while you're out exploring

  • Leave items in the trunk of someone's car until they return home

  • Rent a storage locker from a local company like Bounce


Locations: (Colorado Springs) United States, Canada, Europe, Australia

You can find all of our locations by inputting your address on our search page. If you really want to Bounce your things but we don't offer a location near you, please let us know! We're constantly adding new locations, and your feedback and requests are a big part of helping us focus on the right places.

We partner with local businesses around the city, including dry cleaners, restaurants, cafes, delis, and hotels. We require the location to offer a dedicated storage room or a designated area that's off limits for customers. All items will be tagged and sealed to make sure you can go about your day free from worry.

Bounce offers storage locations at every block of the city, hosted at local businesses. We make it easy to find and book conveniently located spaces. Place your booking online, show up at the location, check your items, and go enjoy the city. It's that simple.



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