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Heartwarming Support from Drip Queen Coffee at the Fountain Creek Watershed Cleanup Event

Drip Queen Coffee Warming Hands & Hearts

In the heart of Colorado Springs, where the Fountain Creek meanders through the city, a group of dedicated, awesome volunteers gathers with a mission in mind: to protect and preserve the health of the Fountain Creek Watershed and its downstream neighbors. This noble cause, known as the "Creek Week" cleanup, has found a warm and caffeinated ally in Drip Queen Coffee, a Coffee & Tea Company based here in Colorado Springs that is more than just a place to grab your morning brew.


Creek Week 10th Anniversary! September 30 - October 8, 2023

For the Hardworking Volunteers

On a crisp morning at Mary Kyer Park, Drip Queen Coffee, with hearts brimming with gratitude and hands carrying trays of freshly brewed coffee, stepped into the midst of the bustling cleanup crew. Their mission was simple yet profound: to gift a cup of motivation and appreciation to the hardworking volunteers who have dedicated their time and energy to safeguarding the environment.

The owners, passionate about environmental conservation, were thrilled to contribute to the effort in their unique way. "These types of projects are near and dear to our hearts," Russell shared, as he explained the construction of their unique biodegradeable butterfly cups. "You guys work hard to keep our waterways cleans so we do our part making sure our cups never make it there."

Fueling the Team for a Day of Environmental Stewardship

Delivered to the team on a brisk, cold Fall morning, the coffee was not just a beverage but a token of appreciation, a source of energy, and a catalyst for conversations about future collaborations. The owners expressed their heartfelt thanks to Crew Leader, Kristin Whede, and Hannah Mooney, Watershed Outreach Coordinator at Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control & Greenway District, for the opportunity to fuel the team before a day of cleaning up and to discuss future opportunities to assist wherever possible.

A Sip Towards a Cleaner Future

The cleanup at Mary Kyer Park is just one of the many initiatives spearheaded by the Fountain Creek Watershed District to ensure the health and vitality of the local waterways and ecosystems. The "Creek Week" cleanup is not merely a week-long event but a symbol of the ongoing commitment of the community towards environmental stewardship.

Drip Queen Coffee, by serving their meticulously crafted coffee to the volunteers, has provided a warm, energizing start to a day of hard work and forged a bond with like-minded individuals and organizations who believe in doing their part to protect and preserve the environment.

In a world where businesses and environmental initiatives often cross paths, Drip Queen Coffee has showcased that the journey towards environmental conservation can be collaborative, heartwarming, and filled with community spirit. Their gesture of serving coffee to the volunteers is a testament to their commitment to environmental causes and a beautiful example of how local businesses can play a part in supporting and uplifting community initiatives. We look forward to providing coffee support in Colorado Spings.


A special thank you to Kristin Whede, Hannah Mooney, and all the volunteers who, with their unwavering commitment and hard work, are making a tangible difference in protecting the Fountain Creek Watershed. Your efforts are not only preserving the health of our waterways but also ensuring a cleaner and safer environment for generations to come.

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