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Drip Queen Coffee Joins 1% for the Planet: A Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

A Pledge for the Planet

1% For the Planet

Drip Queen Coffee, a Colorado Springs-based specialty coffee company, has taken a significant step towards supporting the planet. Recognizing the urgent need for businesses to play a more active role in environmental conservation, Drip Queen Coffee has joined the 1% for the Planet initiative. This decision aligns with the company's ongoing commitment to sustainability, deeply ingrained in its business strategy.

Currently, only 3% of total philanthropy goes to the environment and, only 5% of that comes from businesses. The planet needs bigger support than this, and our growing network of business members are doing vital work to increase giving and support on-the-ground action. We're excited to welcome Drip Queen Coffee to our global movement,' says Kate Williams, CEO of 1% for the Planet.

Sustainability at the Heart of Drip Queen Coffee

Drip Queen Coffee has pioneered the coffee industry, implementing environmentally friendly practices such as using 100% compostable packaging, sourcing beans from sustainable and fair-trade farms, an operating an energy-efficient location.

Joining 1% for the Planet: A Natural Extension

Joining 1% for the Planet is a natural extension of these initiatives. By pledging to donate 1% of annual sales, not just profits, to environmental causes, Drip Queen Coffee is taking a significant step towards supporting the Planet. This move also serves as a challenge to other businesses, encouraging them to increase their environmental philanthropy.

Drip Queen Coffee Joins 1% For the Planet

"Drip Queen Coffee is not just about serving great coffee but also about positively impacting the world. We believe businesses are responsible for giving back to the Planet that sustains us all. Joining 1% for the Planet is a testament to our commitment to this belief," says the CEO of Drip Queen Coffee.

About Drip Queen Coffee

Drip Queen Coffee is a Colorado Springs-based specialty coffee company committed to serving exceptional coffee while positively impacting the environment. Drip Queen Coffee's commitment to environmental action is part of its core business strategy, and the company continually seeks new ways to reduce its ecological footprint and contribute to global conservation efforts.

Join Drip Queen Coffee in their journey towards a more sustainable future. Every cup of coffee you enjoy contributes to a healthier planet.

For more information, contact our Brand & Marketing Team:

Brand & Marketing Team, 1% for the Planet

Office: 802-861-0460

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