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Drip Queen Coffee Retail Store



Where is your coffee roasted?

Roasting coffee is an art. We understand how important it is to get the right blend of beans, and then roast them carefully to release the flavor. The owners at Drip Queen Coffee do not roast the beans themselves, but have developed relationships with the best roasters found. For example, Our "Purple Slipper" Coffee is produced and roasted small batches here in Colorado making high-quality coffee for us to offer to you.

Do you use milk or dairy with
your flavored coffee?

No, Drip Queen Coffee is committed to the health and well-being of our customers. We use various lactose-free creamers when we prepare your coffee.

Where can I see more of your products?

Well Congrats you've found the first location... online!! 

A great place to visit is at our retail store located at the Chapel Hills Mall, Colorado Springs, CO. Our store is right below the Food Court. Lastly, we have Social Media Shops on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok (@dripqueencoffee)

Can Anyone Book an Event at Your Location?

Drip Queen Coffee is a great meeting location for various events, some of which we do not host. We kindly request that any comments or questions regarding these events be directed to the host of the event, as Drip Queen Coffee cannot answer any inquiries about the event itself.

We will, of course, advertise the date and time of the event so that you can plan accordingly and enjoy the festivities. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter, and we look forward to continuing to serve you delicious coffee and a welcoming environment.

When were you established?

Drip Queen Coffee was established March 2021 and virtually opened our online store June 1st 2021. During the Summer months we set up pop-up locations in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Woodland Park. September 1st 2021 we opened our retail location in the Chapel Hills Mall, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Do you have Social Media?

Yes! Please see below


Facebook - @dripqueencoffee

Instagram - @dripqueencoffee

TikTok - @dripqueencoffee

Pintrest - @dripqueencoffee

Twitter - @dripqueencoffee

What type of CBD is used in your "Purple Slipper Coffee"?

Our Purple Slipper Coffee is a Columbian Single roasted coffee infused with organic, broad spectrum hemp cannabinoids including natural CBD, CBG and CBN no THC 
NOTE: Daily portions of hemp products do not contain sufficient quantities of THC to register on drug screens. However, if consumed in excessive amounts, it is possible for the compounds to accumulate in the body. Our calculations suggest SEVERAL THOUSAND CUPS of coffee would need to be consumed on a DAILY basis for a screen to return a positive result.

Please DO NOT attempt to drink thousands of cups of coffee.

Will your store carry K-Cups/Pods?

No, we believe in the true brewing of coffee and a proven technique that brings out the great undertones of the

While K-Cups do have a portion of their material being recyclable, it is the size of this portion which is the issue. Only about 5 percent of a K-Cup is made up of recyclable plastic. The other 95 percent are composed of a number seven composite plastic, which is unable to be recycled in the vast majority of places.The issues do not stop there. The 5 percent of recyclable plastic is not easily accessible in the standard packaging. The K-Cup is constructed in a way that a filter, grounds, and plastic foil sit on top of recyclable plastic. This means that gaining access to that percentage of recyclable plastic is incredibly hard, since the materials are not very easily get it...its bad

So thats why we sell "Reusable K-cups" ($2.99), Whole Bean, and ground bags

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