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Drip Queen Coffee's Spring Newsletter: New Tea, Cold Brew Coffee Packs, and Brewing Gear.

Soothe Your Senses with Velvet Slipper Calming Tea

As the season changes, Drip Queen Coffee is delighted to unveil our newest tea creation - the Velvet Slipper Calming Tea. Crafted for moments of relaxation and peace, this blend marries the soothing essence of lavender and chamomile with a refreshing touch of mint.

It's the perfect companion for those seeking a serene escape in their day. Let the Velvet Slipper Calming Tea guide you to a tranquil spring sanctuary.

Elevate Your Brewing with Grosche Equipment

This April, elevate your coffee and tea experience with the latest from Grosche - a line celebrated for its exceptional quality and commitment to sustainability. Grosche's products are designed to perfect your brewing process, from elegant French presses to sophisticated glass infusers. Visit us to explore how these premium tools can transform your daily coffee and tea rituals into a luxurious affair.

Refresh with Our Spring Cold Brew 6-Pack

Spring into the season with our exclusive Spring Cold Brew 6-Pack, featuring the delightful flavors of Honey Lavender, Strawberry Rose Latte, and Ube. Each flavor is a testament to our dedication to innovation and quality, offering a unique taste experience perfect for warmer days. Available for online orders or in-store pickup, these refreshing cold brews are ready to add spring joy to your routine.

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