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Introducing El Guamito Colombian Coffee: The Premier Gem in Drip Queen Coffee's "Reserve Collection"

Drip Queen Coffee - El Guamito

Embrace the journey of exquisite taste and heritage with Drip Queen Coffee's latest addition to the Reserve Collection – El Guamito Colombian Coffee. Crafted from the heart of Tolima and enriched with a history of meticulous care, this premium coffee brings a story to every sip.

The Legacy of El Guamito

Discover the lush fields of Tolima, where the El Guamito blend originates. Started in the 1930s by Gil Alberto and Ana Rita, the farm is now led by their visionary granddaughters Carolina, Milena, and Andrea. This women-powered lineage ensures that each bean from El Guamito upholds a standard of excellence and a rich tapestry of history.

Premium Grade Scored

El Guamito offers a medium roast profile, scoring an impressive 83.25 points.

Quality Scores:

  • Uniformity: 10/10

  • Consistency in Sweetness: 10/10

  • Clean Cup: 10/10

  • Overall Balance: A harmonious 7.5/10

It's a symphony of orange zest, caramel smoothness, and honeyed embrace, culminating in a full-bodied experience that resonates with luxury and awakens your senses.

Fairly Traded Coffee

Every purchase of El Guamito guarantees a premium coffee experience and supports the farm's sustainable and ethical practices. It's a celebration of artisanal craftsmanship and the enduring legacy of women in coffee farming.

Pre-Order Now:

Be among the first to indulge in this luxurious brew. Pre-order El Guamito Colombian Coffee today and join a community that cherishes more than just coffee – a narrative of passion, tradition, and excellence.

Drip Queen Coffee - Reserve Collection

El Guamito Colombian Coffee is more than a beverage; it's a testament to the rich coffee culture and the dedication of generations. As the first offering in the Reserve Collection, it sets a high bar for what Drip Queen Coffee represents – unparalleled quality and a deep respect for coffee heritage.

Join the Legacy

Pre-order your El Guamito Colombian Coffee today and be part of a story that transcends time and taste. Each purchase supports the enduring legacy of women in coffee farming, ensuring that every bean in your cup is filled with passion, history, and the promise of a premium day. Experience the true essence of coffee craftsmanship with Drip Queen's Reserve Collection.

Special Thank You to Catalina and Nick!!

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