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Drip Queen Coffee May Newsletter: Celebrating Community and New Beginnings

We're excited to share fantastic news and updates in this month's newsletter! Spring is in full bloom, and there's no better time to connect with the community, appreciate every moment, and welcome new beginnings. Whether you're celebrating with us, participating in our unique events, or just stopping by for your coffee fix, there's something for everyone this May at Drip Queen Coffee.

Celebrating a Milestone: "Best of the Springs" Winner!

First, a huge thank you to our patrons who voted for us in the "Best of the Springs" awards. We are thrilled to announce that Drip Queen Coffee has been named the

"Best Restaurant for a First Date" in Colorado Springs for 2024

Drip Queen Coffee award celebration image

Your support means the world to us, and winning this title is a victory for our team and our entire coffee & tea-lover community. Your enthusiasm and loyalty make all of this possible, and we're so grateful to share this journey with you. Let's keep making those first-date memories even more special with every cup of coffee!

Join Our Mother's Day Event: "Blossoms of Love"

Mother’s Day planting event at Drip Queen Coffee

With Mother's Day around the corner, we have a special treat for you and your loved ones. Join us for "Blossoms of Love: Mother's Day Planting with Drip Queen Coffee," where you can transform your used cold brew bottles into beautiful custom planters. It's the perfect opportunity to enjoy quality time with your mom while indulging in your love for coffee. Sign up at our store or online and make this Mother's Day unforgettable with a sprinkle of creativity and much love!

Welcome to Drip Queen Coffee, Natasha & Liam

We are also excited to welcome two new Drip Queen Coffee family members—Natasha and Liam! They bring fresh energy and new ideas to our team, and we couldn't be happier to have them onboard. Natasha and Liam are already making their mark around the mall and during our community events, so don't hesitate to say hi when you see them around or out and about. Let's make them feel right at home!


As we move forward into the year, we're reminded of the incredible community surrounding us. From celebrating achievements to welcoming new faces and hosting heartfelt events, every step we take is towards making Drip Queen Coffee a place where memories are brewed to perfection. Thanks for being part of our story—none of this would be possible without you.

Remember to check out our events, say hi to our new team members, and, most importantly, enjoy your favorite coffee, tea, or candies. Here's to many more exciting moments together at Drip Queen Coffee!

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