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A Day to Remember: Drip Queen Coffee at Dear Summer Fest

Dear Summer Fest "The Last Rodeo"

On September 30th, the vibrant grounds of Soda Springs Park in Manitou Springs were abuzz with the lively spirit of the Dear Summer Fest. This annual music and arts festival, a heartfelt celebration of local creativity, transformed the park into a hub of artistry, music, and community bonding. Amidst the sea of 10-gallon hats, chaps, and cowboy boots, reflecting the fun theme "The Last Rodeo," Drip Queen Coffee proudly set up shop, ready to share the warmth of our beloved brews with fellow festival-goers.

Soda Springs Park, Manitou Springs

Celebrating Local Talent

Dear Summer Fest is more than just a festival; it's a platform for Colorado's creatives, entrepreneurs, and musicians to shine, share their passion, and make meaningful connections. The air was filled with the soulful sounds of local talent, and the array of vendors offered a delightful diversity of merchandise, adding to the festival's vibrant atmosphere.

Our Coffee Stars: The Purple Slipper and Really Zonka Cold Brew

At the Drip Queen Coffee Purple Tent, the aroma of our rich coffee blends wafted through the air, drawing in both new and familiar faces. Our 12oz Purple Slipper CBD-infused Coffee bags were a hit, selling out and leaving a trail of satisfied smiles. The Really Zonka Cold Brew Coffee, with its refreshing and smooth taste, was another crowd favorite, receiving a shower of compliments and love from everyone who had a sip.

Honored and Grateful

As the day unfolded amidst laughter, music, and dance, we at Drip Queen Coffee felt a profound sense of honor and gratitude. Being part of such a vibrant event, where the community's heartbeat echoed in every corner, was a truly enriching experience. The success of our Purple Slipper and Really Zonka Cold Brew Coffee at the event was the cherry on top, affirming the love and appreciation for our carefully crafted coffee blends.

As we pack up our stall, the echoes of the Dear Summer Fest still linger in our hearts. The memories of shared stories, laughter, and the unified celebration of creativity and passion will continue to inspire us at Drip Queen Coffee. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who stopped by our tent and to the organizers of the Dear Summer Fest for creating such a beautiful space of connection and celebration.

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