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We are the ONLY Black-Owned CBD Coffee Distribution Company in Colorado and the second in the U.S. Enjoy Purple Slipper, our Colombian Single Roast Whole Bean Coffee infused with 375MG of broad-spectrum CBD per 12oz bag, offering a wealth of mental and physical benefits.

Mental Benefits:

Stress Relief: The CBD in Purple Slipper coffee can calm the mind, reducing stress and anxiety for a more relaxed state.
Enhanced Mood: Influencing serotonin receptors, CBD may uplift your mood and support emotional well-being.
Focus and Clarity: A balanced state of alertness is achieved with the CBD and coffee combination, enhancing focus and cognitive clarity without the jitteriness of caffeine.
Reduced Racing Thoughts: Interaction with neurotransmitters allows CBD to slow down racing thoughts, leading to a more tranquil mental state.
Better Sleep Patterns: Promoting relaxation and potentially easing insomnia, the CBD infusion could improve sleep quality.
Physical Benefits:

Pain Management: With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD may provide relief from minor aches, enhancing the comfort of your daily cup.
Antioxidant Boost: Coffee's rich antioxidants, combined with CBD's potential properties, offer a defense against cellular damage.
Gastrointestinal Support: CBD may maintain a healthy digestive system by alleviating discomfort and promoting gut health.
Energy with Balance: The synergy of caffeine and the calming effect of CBD delivers sustained energy without the usual caffeine crash.
Anti-Nausea: CBD's effectiveness against nausea makes Purple Slipper coffee a good choice for those with morning sensitivity.
Mind-Body Harmony: CBD's interaction with the body's endocannabinoid system promotes overall wellness and balance.
Savor Purple Slipper CBD-infused coffee for a unique blend of Colombian Single Roast coffee with the potential therapeutic effects of broad-spectrum CBD. Enjoy a holistic and delightful coffee experience. Contains No THC.

Purple Slipper Coffee


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