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Drip Queen Coffee Reserve Collection – El Guamito Colombian Coffee Single Roast***Special Order Below***Savor the exclusive craftsmanship of the El Guamito Colombian Premium Reserve, where every sip tells a story of heritage and excellence. Begin your journey with vibrant notes of orange, seamlessly blending into the rich undertones of caramel and honey – a curated flavor profile scoring an impressive 83.25 points.Product Description: Drip Queen Coffee Reserve Collection takes you on a historical journey to the heart of Cundinamarca, where tradition meets luxury in every bean. Cultivated on a heritage-rich farm, nurtured since the 1930s, and now woman-led by the visionary granddaughters Carolina, Milena, & Andrea, our El Guamito Las Tres Palmas is a tribute to the meticulous care of generations. Our medium roast is delicately balanced and recommended for those who seek a premium brew with a story. Experience an initial orange zest burst followed by a symphony of caramel smoothness and a honeyed embrace. A full-bodied coffee that resonates with luxury and awakens your senses, Drip Queen Coffee's "El Guamito Reserve" is the perfect start to your day.Tasting Notes:Fragrance/Aroma: Sweet with hints of orange, caramel, and herbal notes.Taste: A complex melody of sweet caramel, honeyed bliss, and a tantalizing spice.Acidity: Perfectly medium, with a citrusy orange spark.Body: A medium, soft embrace that complements its robust character.Quality Scores:Uniformity: 10/10Consistency in Sweetness: 10/10Clean Cup: 10/10Overall Balance: A harmonious 7.5/10Each purchase supports the enduring legacy of women in coffee farming, ensuring that every bean in your cup is filled with passion, history, and the promise of a premium day.Special Offer: The first 40 Orders will get 1.3oz of extra beans FREE!!

Colombian Coffee - El Guamito Reserve


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